Introducing the Jumper Card - a new transfer 'cable' you tuck in your wallet or purse that lets you charge your phone and other digital devices from any USB port or it’s own battery. It features a fold-out USB coupling and 3 of the most popular digital connectors to keep your phone and other devices powered up and ready for action. Only ¼” thick and about the size of a credit card, the Jumper Card's battery gives you an emergency 'juice-boost' for those important calls until you can get to a USB port or your car, where you can recharge both your battery and your phone.

This little powerhouse packs lots of great features including a TF Slot where you can add your SD Card so you'll always have your resume, website, company info, photos, videos, files and other important data with you. No wonder we call it 'The Smartest Card on the Planet!'

The Swiss Army Knife for Phones

Developed for iPhone, iPad and Android users alike, the Jumper Card battery holds about an hour of power. When your phone begins to fade, you can use the Jumper Card to continue making calls, transferring data, grabbing files, playing games, downloading videos & swapping music. It can charge and sync your phone at the same time, and it even includes a bright little LED light for low light situations and a status indicator that lets you know when your charge is complete.

Product Features:

  • Built in 500mAh battery
  • TF Slot for Data Storage
  • Multiple charging connectors
  • The size of a credit card
  • Charge & sync at the same time
  • Full speed data transfer
  • Transfer music, videos, data, files etc.
  • Flexible and convenient
  • Protected connectors
  • Chargling light indicator
  • Off, LED light, Power switch
  • Precisely made
  • OEManufacturer
  • No software required
  • Only 1/4” thick
  • Recycle life +- 500 times
  • The charge lasts a year
  • Overcharge/discharge/short-circuit protections
  • Patent (pending) design
  • Meets military specs

Product Specifications:

  • Battery capacity: 500mAh
  • TF Slot for Data Storage
  • Output: 500mAh
  • Input: DC5V 350mA
  • Conversion Rate: 88%
  • Size: 3.54 x 2.24 x 0.25 inches
  • Four digital connections: USB, Micro 5 pin, 30 pin
  • Function with Li-ion battery
  • Auto sleep mode
  • Battery Type: Grade A Polymer Battery
  • Temperature: -10 C - + 60 C
  • Smart charging management system
  • Super-low quiescent power dissipation current (<10uA)
  • High current efficiency characteristic: (≥85%)
  • Power indicators
  • Recycling life: +- 500 times
  • Time to full charge: 2 hours
  • Up to 20% emergency battery backup for your phone


You can charge your phone and other digital devices from your car's cigarette lighter. Just plug the USB into an adaptor like the green one show here, plug the adaptor into your car's lighter and you're good to go!

Living with short battery life and constantly having to seek out a power source has become the price users of mobile devices have become accustomed to paying. That is, until now. The Jumper Card fills the gap with a thin, credit card-sized device charger, always ready with the power connection you need to stay on the go. Works with most digital devices – phones, cameras, tablets, portable hard drives, and anything else a micro USB cable works with, even your car’s cigarette lighter.

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